Quan Funds

The Quan Funds are a family of absolute-return funds. Our flagship fund, the Quan Technology Fund, is a crossover fund investing in private and public technology companies. The Fund is open-ended, providing quarterly liquidity to investors based on the Fund’s liquid net asset value.


What does Quan mean?

Caring, Excellence, and Success

Quan comes from the movie Jerry Maguire. Jerry transcended from a superficial sports agent to an "Ambassador of Quan", where he dedicated himself to his client's well-being and success.


How have we performed?

Quan Technology Fund was the #1 ranked equity fund in 2018 with a return of 55.0%, and was the #1 ranked equity fund for the last five years (2014-2018) with an annualized return of 22.3%.
Source: HFR, past results are no guarantee of future performance