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Current Quan portfolio companies (excluding short positions):


ActLight (private) designs dynamic photo-diode (DPD) light sensors for wearables (heart monitoring), 3D time-of-flight image sensors (next-gen smart phones), and LIDAR (autonomous driving) applications. ActLight's DPDs are disrupting the bulkier, less-efficient, power-hungry avalanche photo-diodes that exist today. https://act-light.com/

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Alteryx (AYX) provides self-service advanced data analytics. The company's software optimizes data discovery, preparation, as well as analytics; then enables rapid deployment and actionable insights. Not only does Alteryx platform scale to handle large data sets, but automates previously complex manual processes - a key growth driver. The company has a rapidly expanding user base of analysts, data scientists and engineers that are extremely satisfied with Alteryx solution. https://www.alteryx.com

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Lumotive (private) makes beam-steering chips for automotive LiDAR systems that are fully solid-state (no moving parts), based on the company's proprietary Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces™ (LCM) technology. Lumotive’s LiDAR system has substantial performance, reliability, power, size and cost advantages over existing LiDAR systems. Lumotive is the only viable LiDAR solution for the large mobile phone market opportunity, as well as high-volume industrial and automotive needs. https://www.lumotive.com/


PDF Solutions (PDFS) improves manufacturing yields and lowers costs for semiconductor makers. The company's Extensio platform aggregates data from across the silicon supply chain, aided by proprietary testers for deep 3D metrology. Extensio's extensive data analytics is sold in a highly-scalable Cloud subscription offering. https://www.pdf.com/Home


A sample of recent Quan portfolio company exits:


Attunity provides automated transport and processing of big-data across all data platforms. Attunity enables unparalleled data integration and real-time analytics. We initially invested in 2012, and profitably exited in 2019 in conjunction with the acquisition by Qlik. https://www.qlik.com/us/products/attunity-replicate


Insightness makes event-based visual positioning modules that process pixels like the human brain. The company's Silicon Eye vision sensors and proprietary processing algorithms are extremely efficient and robust, leading to exponentially faster image processing/lower power consumption, while providing 3D spatial awareness of where you are. Quan initially invested in 2016, and profitably exited from Insightness in 2019. http://www.insightness.com/

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Pivotal Systems (PVS.AX) makes next-generation gas flow controllers that enable advanced semiconductor front-end manufacturing. The company's patented gas flow controllers are purchased by the world's largest integrated device manufacturers and semiconductor equipment OEMs. Quan initially invested in 2013, and profitably exited Pivotal in conjunction with its IPO in 2018. https://www.pivotalsys.com/