Quan Funds

Quan Funds' investment strategy is as follows:

  • Sector Discipline: Quan will invest in the technology sector on an international basis, focusing on emerging private and public companies. This is the area where Quan has successfully invested in the past, and where we have domain expertise.


  • Fundamental Investing: Investment criteria includes 1) expected profitable, high-growth businesses, 2) quality management, and 3) attractive valuations. Extensive due diligence is performed on each investment.


  • Opportunistic: Quan will be as flexible as possible within its technology focus without restrictions to geography, diversification, private holdings, and even alpha shorts with excess cash. Our sole objective is to maximize returns.


  • Long-term Investment: Quan plans to make strategic long-term investments in companies that we know well. Thus, we recommend that prospective investors also have a longer-term time horizon.